Welcome to 4bubbasfoods.com, we are glad you stopped by our new site!!! Over the next few months we will keep you updated as we move toward new social entrepreneurial opportunities with youth development in mind. “What the Cluck Food Truck?!?!” , 4bubbasfoods, & our Becker Market Artisan Brand Products will be featured on this blog along with many other topics we care about!

A subsidiary of Hooganaga Family Farms/DIRTGROUPUSA; 4bubbasfoods, and “What the Cluck Food Truck?”; specialize in youth development, social entrepreneurial ventures focused on locally sourced foods/products, job skills training; youth, community, and economic development, food security, social work with groups, social justice, and education. “Jersey Sausage & Kraut”, “Santa’s Garden Goodness Chili, and the ‘ever lovin’ feasts available from our What the Cluck Food Truck are coming to a street corner near you–Hooganaga to all ya’all ! ! !

Patty Ragu–might even share a story or two about his family history making “chicken sausage for over 50 years” in South Brooklyn!! Imagine for a moment getting a pack of Jersey Sausage & Kraut made fresh from our Jersey Giant Chickens…that’s right Chicken Sausage (brats) with Minnesota Made sauerkraut and a couple IPA’s from a local brewery…what a great gift pack that would make!

Next: DIRT GROUP and What the Cluck Food Truck = academic credit, job skills training, community involvement, and a paycheck!!! (aftercare and implications for practice) : SO MUCH MORE…

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